Wallace Idealease understands that commercial vehicle operators are under an immense amount of pressure to meet federal and state regulations, which change quite frequently. By providing our customers with the weekly Idealease Safety Bulletin, we aim to update you on changing DOT regulations and provide expert recommendations and tips concerning a variety of safety and compliance issues that affect the transportation industry.


Driver Background Investigations - February 26th 2016


Warm Weather is Coming! - February 19th 2016


Are You Sharing Your Driver With Another Company? - January 22nd 2016


Regulation FAQ's - January 8th 2016


Electronic Logging Devices to be Required Across Commercial Truck and Bus Industries - December 18th 2015


FMCSA Removes Property Carrier CSA Data from Public Display" - December 11th 2015


Be on the Look Out for a "Digital Deadwalker" - December 4th 2015


Synthetic Drug Use by Drivers - November 20th 2015


Pedestrian Safety - November 13th 2015


Summer Safety Tips - June 19th 2015