The IC Bus CE Series continues to pave the way as the most popular passenger school bus on the road.  Every IC Series comes with 16-gague steel side sheets and 18,500lb rear steel-spring suspension.  IC Bus has made many improvements to their vehicles and their service support, to improve their customer’s experience.  From the 3 piece windshield that maximizes visibility, the ergonomic driver’s seat cockpit which places frequently used controls within easy reach for the driver, to the wider entry door, making getting on and off the bus easy and accident free.










CE Series Specifications

Capacity: 29-77 passengers

GVWR: 23,500-33,000 lbs.

Engine: Cummins ISB6.7

Transmission: Allison Automatic



CE with Propane:

Build on the understanding that our customers want more than just a propane option, they want a propane bus designed to meet their needs.  A bus that combines power, performance, and durability with all the benefits of propane.  And with IC Bus that’s exactly what they get.  With the PSI 8.8L now in the CE Series bus, you will no longer have to give up benefits like proven power and performance.  Now, those come standard.


Commercial Buses:

Airport shuttles. Wedding parties. Or simply to get to church on time. No matter what our IC commercial buses are used for, they’re designed to deliver a safe, comfortable ride. We offer a complete lineup of vehicles, including four options in the HC Series, and the AC Series, the new integrated small-bus shuttle.